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the arise project

supports for persons with vulvas and vaginas
living with chronic sexual pain

Impacts on Quality of Life 

  • Increased levels of distress & anxiety

  • Increased feelings of resentment with body and wanting to detach self from body

  • Increased sense of  isolation

  • Increased shame, guilt and self-blame

  • Negative impacts on intimate relationships such as increased emotional distance, general conflict, sexual dissatisfaction 


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Persons with vulvas and vaginas living with chronic sexual pain need spaces pre- and post- diagnosis where they:

  • are validated by and connected with others

  • can reconnect to their bodies

  • can process the emotions of their experiences

  • can explore their sexual expression & identity 


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The Arise Project offers 

art therapy groups & workshops

as well as resources and trainings for healers such as therapists hoping to start support groups in their own communities


Did you know?


Up to 1 in 4 people with vulvas and vaginas are affected by chronic vulvovaginal and pelvic pain.


At least 15% of persons with vulvas and vaginas living in North America experience chronic sexual pain. 

Only 50% of people who live with this pain seek care. 

Many report facing major obstacles in receiving treatment and care such as consistent dismissal from medical professionals. 

join the waitlist 
for the next 8 
week Arise group

(for persons within Canada)

check-out this free resource guide
with websites, podcasts, books and films

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or by checking out my

are you a counsellor or art therapist looking to start an Arise group in your community? 

Send me an e-mail.I would be happy to share the pdf resource guide for practitioners that I created which has 12 sample group sessions. 

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