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You don't need to have any experience with art or art materials to participate in my groups or workshops.


Our focus is on exploring different art materials and what we notice and feel during the process. The focus is not on technical skill, but is instead curiosity, play and expression.

I have developed and facilitated a number of workshops, retreats and groups for non-profits, professional teams and private groups. These workshops have been facilitated both in person and online.

No art experience is required!

Past participants have been

  • Non-profit staff

  • Peers/volunteers

  • Corporate staff

  • Newcomer young adults

  • Parenting group participants

  • College students

  • Children and youth

All workshops are customizable to meet your needs. 

These workshops have supported groups in team building, collective and individual nurturance, idea sharing, creating spaces to help teams process grief and loss, addressing burn-out, connecting to a sense of play, creativity, curiosity and exploration together.

Some of the organizations that I have facilitated for are:

  • Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

  • Pacific Community Resources Society

  • KEYS Job Centre

  • Columbia College 

Workshop Ideas:


  • befriending your nervous system/nervous system wellness 101

  • embodiment through art making

  • nurturing your workplace eco-system

  • creative visioning

  • trauma survivor tools

  • exploring felt-sense glimmers

past workshops and groups

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Arise an online art therapy group --4.jpg
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