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what is somatic experiencing?

Somatic Experiencing (SE™) is a body-based, nervous system aware approach that releases thwarted survival energy bound in the body.  This releasing of energy is key to transforming patterns that get stuck like scratches in a record, repeating unfinished responses of fight, flight, freeze and fawn. SE supports the completion of these self-protective and adaptive, nervous system responses by supporting clients in gently developing and rebuilding a capacity for sensing and feeling their bodies. Our body is often communicating to us through body sensations, emotions and even the imagination. Over time as we begin to relearn how to speak the language of our body. SE sessions can involve clients sensing movement that their bodies may want to make and following through with these movements.  SE can support persons who have experienced or have symptoms related to PTSD, developmental attachment trauma, medical/dental trauma, vehicle accidents, physical/sexual assault and abuse...etc. 

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