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Paint Colors



I have developed and facilitated a number of workshops and retreats for non-profits, professional teams and private groups. These workshops have been facilitated both in person and online.

No art experience is required!

Past participants have been

  • Non-profit staff

  • Peers/volunteers

  • Corporate staff

  • Newcomer young adults

  • Parenting group participants

  • College students

  • Children and youth

These workshops have supported groups in 

team building, collective & individual nurturance, idea sharing, creating spaces to help teams process grief and loss, addressing burn-out, connecting to a sense of play, creativity, curiosity and exploration together. All workshops are customizable to meet your needs. 

Some of the organizations that I have facilitated for are:

  • Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

  • Pacific Community Resources Society

  • KEYS Job Centre

  • Columbia College 


Workshop Examples


Creative Visioning 

Enlisting creativity to support team building, values exploration, intention and goal setting.


Nurturing The Workplace

Metaphors from nature will assist us in creatively exploring individual and collective emotional health, assess for burnout, develop ways to foster & grow systemic resilience and capacity


The Nervous System at Work

This workshop is a must for leaders, staff, volunteers, peers and mentors interested in co-creating trauma informed, safe spaces.


Grief and Loss

Cultivating a safe and supportive space to creatively be with  collective and individual experiences of grief and loss.  


Rediscovering the Art of Play

Through art making we will dabble, try new things, experiment, make mistakes!


Body Mapping

Promoting embodiment by being with and listening to our bodies in a gentle and creative way.


Boundaries and
Self-Nurturance When Supporting Others

Together we will creatively explore what it means to soothe, ground, listen to our needs and create boundaries while supporting others.


Creative Explorations 
for Teens and Pre-teens

Enlisting creativity to support connection, self exploration and expression with pre-teens and teens ages 10-19.  Art making and topics explored will be customized. 


Storytime With Kat

Art making with children ages 4-10. Our time together will begin with a story and lead to a time of art making and play. The emphasis is on process and discovery. Art making and topics can be customized. 


Passageways: Creatively Marking Times of Transition

Collective art making can provide a way of marking important life transitions such as:

  • the passing of loved ones

  • transitioning into adulthood, adolescence, retirement

  • thresholds such as commitment ceremonies and weddings

  • important birthdays

  • baby welcoming and parent becoming

Let's Connect

Let me know your workshop needs and ideas.   

You can contact me through e-mail.

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